Db2 JDBC drivers

About this task

For Db2®, install the appropriate Db2 JDBC Type 4 driver and any correlating patches. Go to the IBM® Support Portal at http://www.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/Planning for supported version information.

You can obtain these files from the IBM Web site. After you obtain this JDBC driver, record the absolute path to its location on your system. You must supply this absolute path during installation.

If the JDBC driver provided by your database vendor is distributed among multiple files, you must place all the files that comprise the JDBC driver into one .jar file. Follow these steps to create one .jar file:


  1. Identify all the vendor database jar files for the JDBC driver.
  2. Create a temporary working directory.
  3. Extract the contents of each file used for the JDBC driver using the jar utility into the temporary working directory (jar xvf <jdbc.jar> for each supplied jar file).
    Note: Various scripts, such as the one used for loading the factory defaults, specify a DB_DRIVER. The DB_DRIVER specified must include all of these JAR files. The DB_DRIVER setting is located in sandbox.cfg. To make changes to the DB_DRIVER setting, edit and save the file, then run setupfiles.cmd.
  4. Bundle the files in the temporary working directory into one file using the jar utility (jar cvf new.jar *).
  5. Record the absolute path to this .jar file.


The type-4 driver does not require a separate Java™ listener running on the database server. Instead, connect directly to the Db2 port.