Specifying a transaction as user-triggered

You can create a transaction that is triggered by the user.

About this task

To create a user-triggered extended transaction:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. From the Transaction Details window, choose the User Triggered tab.
  3. In the Process Modeling window, select the Order, Load, or General tab to view the corresponding process modeling tree for that base document type.
  4. In the Process Types swimlane, right-click on the applicable process type and choose Model Process. The Repository Details window and work area display for the corresponding process type.
  5. Choose the Transactions tab.
  6. From the Transaction Details window, choose the User Triggered tab.
  7. Check ‘This transaction is triggered by Users' to indicate that this a user-triggered transaction.
  8. From ‘When ready, notify user using', select the service that should be triggered when a document enters this transaction's pickup status. For example, if all orders created for a particular order type need to be verified by a customer service representative when an order is created, you can create a user-triggered transaction that invokes a service that sends an e-mail to the representative that verifies the order.
    Note: You must select the applicable transaction order level from the Works Based On field on the Others tab for user notification to occur. For example, if you are configuring a transaction that is triggered by the user at the order release level, you must select Process Task Type for Order Release from the Works Based On drop-down.
  9. Continue to enter information in the applicable transaction fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  10. Choose the Save transaction.