Using the IBM Sterling Business Center products home page

The Products home page provides hyperlinks that enable you to perform tasks related to product administrator.

The Product Home Page contains dashlets with hyperlinks to different product administration tasks that you can perform as an Item Administrator. For example, the New Item hyperlink, which is available under the Catalog dashlet enables you to create different types of item.

The Products home page enables you to perform various administration tasks. The tasks are grouped under their related business objects, which are in turn grouped under various modules. For example, the following groups of task hyperlinks are available under the Storefront Management dashlet:

  • Manage Subcatalog hyperlink under Subcatalog Organizations
  • New Entitlement and Find Entitlement hyperlinks under Seller Entitlements

The Products home page enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Catalog Administration
  • Storefront Management
  • Merchandising Management
  • Executing Favorite Saved Searches
  • Accessing Recently Modified Entities
Note: The administration tasks that you can perform, and the task-related information that you can view, are dependent on your context organization.