Configuring a proxy server for SSL or HTTPS configuration

You can configure a Web server as an SSL proxy and a load balancer.
For an example of an Apache and WebLogic, see Example of configuring a proxy server for SSL or HTTPS. For specific instructions about configuring the proxy server for SSL or HTTPS using the Apache HTTP Server and IBM® WebSphere®, refer to the appropriate IBM documentation. Information about configuring the Apache HTTP server as a proxy server and a load balancer using SSL or HTTPS on JBoss can be found at:
Note: For more information on JBoss deprecation, see Deprecated components in Sterling Order Management System Software.

The SSL proxy allows the web server to manage the SSL encryption load and pass clear text back to application servers. It also divides the workload among the available application servers using the "round-robin load balancing" algorithm. This reduces the network traffic between the web server and application server. The web server enables you to use one secure URL to access any number of application servers that run Sterling Call Center applications.