Application consoles search view

The Console's Search View Resource Details dialog box enables you to specify details that enable you to customize a search view.

Table 1. Search view resource dialog box.

Search view resource field value descriptions

Control Description
Java Server Page The JSP file name with full path relative to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/webpages directory.

Your custom resources typically points to a file within the /extensions directory. For example, if you are changing the alert search by order search view, specify the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/webpages/em/alerts/search/alert_search_byorder.jsp file.

As you populate the /extensions directory with custom JSP files, mimic the structure of the directory containing the standard JSP files.

Output Name Space Namespace of the XML bindings of the search criteria input fields on the search JSP. The inputs that have this namespace are sent to the List API of the entity.
Height N/A
Width N/A
Ignore Default API N/A
Hide Maximum Records Field Choose this to prevent the Max Records field from displaying.
View Group ID Within a specific search view of an entity, you can switch to any other detail view having the same View Group ID as the current search view.
Input N/A
Template N/A