Application consoles entity

The Application Consoles Entity Resource Details dialog box enables you set the Document Type of an entity. An entity is an associated group of UI displays and program logic that pertain to a specific business entity, such as an order entity.

You can view the list of JSPs used by the resource and its corresponding sub-resources and the list of users with permissions to access the resource by performing a right-click on the entity and selecting JSP List or User List or by choosing the Zoom In icon from the menu panel.

Each entity has a default search view, list view, and detail view. A default view is determined by the sequencing of these views within the Resource Hierarchy tree. For example, if the Order entity has four search views, the default search view is determined as the one with the lowest resource sequence number among the four search views.

Under each entity resource, you can configure one detail API and one list API. The detail API configured is automatically called when a user navigates to the detail view of that entity. The list API is called when a user navigates to the list view of that entity.

You can prevent this default API from being called for a specific view by selecting the Ignore Default API parameter in the resource configuration screen.

Note: While you can create any number of API Resources under an Entity, you should create only one list and one detail API.
Table 1. Entity resource dialog box.

Entity resource field value descriptions

Control Description
Document Type When specified, this is passed as input to any APIs configured within this entity (including all sub-resources).

Document Type is passed at the root node with the DocumentType attribute name. This is also used to pick up literals from the resource bundle when the i18n taglib is used in all the JSPs configured for this entity (and all sub-resources). Specifically, the application looks for an entry with <DocumentType>_<ResourceKey>. If that is not found, the entry for <ResourceKey> is picked up.