Application consoles detail view

The Application Consoles Detail View Resource Details dialog box enables you to customize a detail view.

Table 1. Detail view resource dialog box.

Detail view resource field value desriptions

Control Description
Java Server Page In the case of detail views, this field is used as the JSP for the anchor page. Typically, this JSP is used to simply include other inner panels and lay them out in the manner desired.

If this field is not filled in, and the detail view has multiple inner panels, they are laid out one below the other, stretching all the way across horizontally.

Specify the full path relative to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/webpages directory. Your custom resources typically points to a file within the /extensions directory. For example, if you are changing the anchor page of the alert detail view, your JSP might be /extensions/global/webpages/em/alerts/detail/alert_detail_anchor.jsp.

As you populate the /extensions directory with custom JSP files, mimic the structure of the directory containing the standard JSPs.

Output Name Space N/A
Height When this view displays in a pop-up screen, this is the height of the popup window.
Width When this view displays in a popup screen, this is the width of the popup window.
Ignore Default API When this option is set, any detail API that might be configured for the current entity is not invoked when the current detail view displays.

Typically, an entity has a standard detail API and several views that need different parts of the same detail API output. So, typically, you can simply define a detail API at the entity level and expect that the default detail API is called whenever a detail view for that entity is shown. However, some of the views of that entity may be special and may require a different API to be called. In such cases, this field can be checked and the alternate API can be configured for any one of the inner panels of the special detail view.

Hide Navigation Panel When this option is set, the Next and Previous navigation buttons do not show up on this detail view.
Hide Title Bar When this option is set, the entire title bar does not show up for this detail view.
View Group ID Within a specific detail view of an entity, you can switch to any other detail view having the same View Group ID as the current detail view.
Input N/A
Template N/A
Redirector View When this is set the detail view is used only to redirect to another detail view. The JSP for this view should not contain any HTML intended for display. It should only contain conditional JSP statements that eventually call the goToDetailView JSP method to navigate to the final view.