Configuring WebSphere JVM settings

About this task

You need to use the WebSphere® Administrative Console to specify the JVM settings. These JVM settings must be set on all servers in a cluster (if you are using a cluster).

To configure JVM setting on WebSphere, do the following:


  1. From the WebSphere Administrative Console, select the application server specified for .
  2. For IBM® servers with IBM JDK 7.0:
    1. Select Server Infrastructure > Java™ and Process Management > Process Definition > Environment Entries.
    2. Choose New and specify the following values and then choose OK:
      Name Value Description
  3. Select Server Infrastructure > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine. Edit the generic JVM arguments dialog to include the following values:
    Property Value Description
    System Property. If you are using App Server Connection Pooling, use -Dvendor=websphere. Otherwise, use -Dvendor=shell.
    System property. Specify as an argument to the java command.
  4. Under the Custom Properties section, set the JVM settings to the following values:
    Name Value Description
    client.encoding.override UTF-8 Enables the use of special characters.
  5. Save the changes to the Master Configuration.
  6. Restart the application server to enable these changes to take effect.