Search for return orders

Customers might call the call center to inquire about the status of the products that they returned, expecting a refund. In such cases, the user must be able to search the return order by using the details that are provided by the customer.


The following section describes APIs, user exits, services, and other components.

The user can search for return orders from the home page or go to the Return Search screen and search for the return orders.

If a user has access to multiple enterprises, the list of enterprises is displayed. The getOrganizationList API is called to retrieve the list of enterprises. If a single organization is returned by the API, the enterprise selection option is not displayed.

When the user does a search for return orders by entering the search criteria, the getOrderList API is called to retrieve a list of return orders that match the inputs. If the search results in a single record, the return order details are displayed. If the search results in multiple records, a list of all the return orders is displayed.


The following section describes the rules that you must configure.


End-user impact

Users can locate the correct return order and do appropriate tasks.