Create competitor records

Competitor organizations offer products at a cheaper price than the user's organization. Therefore, users must be able to create competitor records.


The following section describes APIs, user exits, services, and other components.

A user can create a competitor record from the home page by using the "Create Competitor" related task. When the Create Competitor screen loads the following APIs are called:
  • Enterprise: Only if the user has access to multiple enterprises, the Organization list is displayed. Otherwise, the user can create a competitor for the default enterprise. The getOrganizationList API is called to populate the list of enterprises for which the user can create a competitor.
  • Status: The getCommonCodeList API is called with the CodeType as YCD_COMPETITOR_STS to populate the list of competitor statuses.

After the user enters all the required details and confirms the changes, the manageCompetitor API is called to save the competitor record. The API returns the CompetitorKey attribute.

The CompetitorKey attribute is passed in the input to the getCompetitorDetails API to display the competitor details.


The following section describes the rules that you must configure.

For more information about the APIs, see Javadoc.

Creating competitor records is a permission controlled task. For more information about configuring user group permissions, refer to the Administering user group permissions

End-user impact

The user can create competitor records that can be used while creating price match records.