Extend mashups

You can customize the input and output XML templates of an API call, and also define new mashup layers.

Mashups are present in the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/isccs/war/mashupxmls/ directory.

  • When you invoke any custom mashup, do not directly use the output of the application-provided mashup as input. In a product release, you can enhance the application-provided mashup and add new fields to the mashup output, which might not be defined in the custom mashup definition. If you directly use the output of the application-provided mashup, the custom mashup can throw an API security error for the new fields that you added.
  • In all the application-provided mashups, the QueryTimeout and DisplayLocalizedFieldInLocale attributes are added to call mashups. Similarly, the MaximumRecords attribute is added to call List APIs. Therefore, for custom mashups you must manually add these attributes.