Dissociate a product item from a special service

When you dissociate a product item from a special service, the associated service skills are also dissociated from the item.

About this task

You can dissociate an item from special service from the Provided Item Associations screen.

To dissociate an item from special service:


  1. Navigate to the Product Item Associations screen. To navigate to the Product Item Associations screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM® Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Products tab.
    3. From the Products home page, click Find Service in the Catalog dashlet.
    4. In the Service Search screen, enter the search criteria, and then click Search to view a list of all the available provided services. Alternatively, use either the Basic Search or the Advanced Search option to narrow down the list of provided services displayed.
    5. In the Services panel that is displayed, click the Service ID hyperlink. Alternatively, double-click the row containing the Service ID.
    6. The Primary Information screen is displayed. In the Related Tasks panel, click Manage Product Item Associations.

      The Product Item Associations screen is displayed.

  2. From the Item panel, select the item you want to disassociate from the special service.
  3. The Details area is enabled with the details of the selected item. Click Remove.
  4. A message asking you for confirmation is displayed. Click Yes to disassociate the product item from the service

    The selected item is removed from the database.