Delete search indexes by date

You can delete an inactive search index by date if you no longer have a use for that search index.

About this task

You can delete search indexes by date from the Item Catalog Index List screen.

To delete search indexes that are older than a specified date:


  1. Navigate to the Item Catalog Index List screen. To navigate to the Item Catalog Index List screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM® Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Products tab.
    3. From the Products home page, click Manage Catalog Indexes from the Catalog dashlet.

      The Item Catalog Index screen is displayed.

  2. In the Related Tasks panel, click Delete Old Indexes.
  3. The Delete Old Indexes dialog box is displayed. Perform the following steps:
    1. In the Delete Indexes Older Than* box, enter a date. Alternatively, click the Calendar icon to select a date. Indexes older than the date will be deleted.
      Note: Ensure that the date is not later than the build timestamp of the active index because you cannot delete an active index.
    2. Click Confirm.
    3. A message asking you for confirmation is displayed. Click Yes to delete the search indexes older than the date.

      Note: * indicates that the field is mandatory.

      Search indexes older than the date are deleted.