Creating a configurable item in IBM Sterling Business Center

You can create a configurable item by associating a model to it. A model represents all the possible valid configurations for that item.

If an item is a configurable item, a customer can build an item in the Web channel application based on the associated model. You can also create preconfigurations of the configurable item in the IBM Sterling Business Center application, which can be selected by customers in the Web channel application.

To create a configurable item, perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a bundle item without components in the IBM Sterling Business Center application.
  2. Assigned the bundle item to a category in the master catalog.
  3. Set the bundle pricing strategy of the bundle item to Include both parent and components.
  4. Create a model in the Visual Modeler application and associate a Product ID to the model. This Product ID corresponds to the bundle item created in the Visual Modeler application.
  5. Associate the model defined in the Visual Modeler application to the bundle item.

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