Create a catalog in IBM Sterling Business Center

A catalog is a hierarchy of items belonging to an organization. You can create multiple catalogs if you require different groupings for the items.

About this task

Only one catalog can be an active selling catalog at a given time. For example, if you are a retail organization with two distinct products, shoes and shirts you can create two separate catalogs, one for the shoe line, and one for the shirt line. You can also define a different selling catalog for the different seasons of the year if you sell different items during different seasons.

You can create a catalog form the Catalog List screen.

To create a catalog:


  1. Navigate to the Catalog List screen. To navigate to the Catalog List screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM® Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Products tab.
    3. From the Products home page, click Manage Catalogs in the Catalog dashlet.

      The Catalog List screen is displayed.

  2. In the Related Tasks panel, click Create Catalog.
  3. The Catalog Detail panel is displayed. Perform the following steps:
    1. In the Catalog ID* box, enter a unique identifier (ID) of the catalog. This identifier cannot be modified after it has been defined.
    2. In the Short Description* box, enter a brief description of the catalog. This catalog will be identified by this description in the Catalog Hierarchy tree.
    3. In the Long Description box, enter a detailed description of the catalog. This detailed description typically contains any additional information about the catalog.
    4. Catalog organization users can authorize the entire catalog to a subcatalog organization so that the subcatalog organization can refer to the catalog as its own catalog. To authorize the entire catalog to a subcatalog organization, click the Search icon adjacent the Authorized To box. The Basic Subcatalog Search dialog box is displayed. Perform the following steps:

      i. Enter the search criteria, and click Search. Alternatively, use Advanced Search to narrow down the search results.

      ii. A list of subcatalog organizations is displayed. Select the check box adjacent the corresponding Organization ID, and click Save.

      The selected subcatalog organization is displayed in the Authorized To box.

  4. In the Catalog Management screen, click Save.

    Note: * indicates that the field is mandatory.

    The catalog is created. The Catalog Hierarchy tree is displayed.