Create an attribute group

An attribute group is used to group a set of attributes that share a common purpose. For example, you can define an attribute group called Entertainment, which contains entertainment-related attributes for different types of items.

About this task

You can create multiple levels of attribute groups. This allows you to manage large numbers of attributes by prioritizing and organizing the attributes. You can create an attribute group for the attribute domain, or an attribute group that is a subgroup of an existing attribute group.

You can create an attribute group from the Attribute Management screen.

To create an attribute group:


  1. Navigate to the Attribute Management screen. To navigate to the Attribute Management screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Products tab.
    3. From the Products home page, click Manage Attributes in the Catalog dashlet.

      The Attribute Management screen is displayed.

  2. In the Item Attributes panel, select any one of the following from the tree:
    • The attribute domain - The attribute group will be created directly under the attribute domain.
    • An existing attribute group - The attribute group will be created under the existing attribute group.
      Note: When a user views attributes that are assigned to an item in Web channel application, the attributes and their assigned values are displayed based on the grouping specified in the tree in the Item Attributes panel.
  3. In the Related Tasks panel, click Create Attribute Group.
  4. The Attribute Group Details panel is displayed. Perform the following steps:
    1. In the Attribute Group ID* box, enter an identifier (ID) for the attribute group. This ID should be unique across the corresponding attribute domain, and cannot be modified after it has been defined.
    2. In the Short Description* box, enter a brief description of the attribute group. The attribute group in the Item Attributes tree will be identified by this description. This short description is also displayed in Web channel application and other screens in IBM Sterling Business Center, which display item attributes.
    3. In the Long Description box, enter a detailed description of the attribute group. This detailed description typically contains any additional information about the attribute group.
  5. In the Attribute Management screen, click Save.
    Note: * indicates that the field is mandatory.

    A new attribute group is created and displayed hierarchically in the Item Attributes tree.