Assigning specific numbers to a number attribute

About this task

You can assign specific numbers to a number attribute only if you have selected the Attribute with valid values radio button, and the Number Attribute option from the Value Type* drop-down list in the Manage Attribute Details panel when creating an attribute.

You can specify a range of allowed numbers, such as 60-180, allow any number or a range of incremental values to a number attribute from the Attribute Management screen.

To assign specific numbers to a number attribute:


  1. Log in to Sterling Business Center.
  2. From the Item Attributes tree, select the corresponding attribute.
  3. The Number Attribute Properties panel is displayed. Select the Allow Decimal Values check box to determine if decimal values should be allowed for this attribute.
  4. Select the Specific Numbers radio button.
  5. In the Values* box, enter values that are either separated by a semicolon, or number ranges with a dash (-). For example, you can either enter 2; 3; 4; 6; 9; 10; 11 or 2-6; 9-11. A negative value is supported by enclosing the numbers in ( ). For example, (2) for -2. To specify a range from -2 to 2, enter (2)-2.
  6. In the Increment By box, enter an increment for the number range. For example, if you enter 10-20 in the Values box and enter an increment of 2, the resulting list of allowed values will be 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20.
  7. In the Default Value box, enter a default value. If you have already selected the Allow assignment of multiple values check box, you can also enter multiple values separated by a semicolon if multiple default values are required.
    Note: If a value is made as the default value of an attribute and this attribute is assigned to a category, then the value is displayed by default in the corresponding field of the Attribute Management screen pertaining to the category. However, unless you click Save, this value is not assigned by default to the items in that category.
  8. Select the Allow assignment of multiple values check box to allow multiple default values when assigning the attribute to a category or an item.
  9. Select the Assigned Value is Mandatory for Associated Items check box to make this attribute value mandatory.
  10. Click Save.
    Note: * indicates that the field is mandatory.

    Specific numbers are assigned to the number attribute.