Assigning a price list and pricing rules to a or region

A price list and pricing rules can be assigned based on region as well as on customer region.

and region-based pricing provides options to structure price lists based on regional factors, competitive factors, or a flexible combination of both. Large enterprises can define pricing and promotion according to geographical considerations as well as local competition. Within a hierarchy, can maintain price lists and pricing rules, or can be grouped together based on their business needs. Prices defined at the corporate level can be overridden at the region or level.

For example, a list price for a computer printer may be set at the corporate level at $119.95. However, in a highly competitive region, a might want to define the price as $99.95 for that particular . The same might be true for promotions and markdowns. In this way, prices in environments where there is intense competition can be set at a different level from prices where there is relatively little competition, with other prices in between.

You can model price lists and pricing rules in various ways:
  • Corporate defines price lists and pricing rules for to use.
  • define price lists and pricing rules.
  • Corporate defines and assigns price lists and pricing rules to a specific , to a group or region of , or all .
  • price lists and pricing rules can be defined for all customers.

If you are upgrading Sterling Order Management System Software and have existing price lists that do not have a assignment, an optional upgrade step creates them for you. After assignments are created, you can change the value of a property so that the system looks only for those pricelists that have defined, at a minimum, a assignment.

A price list can have customer assignments, assignments, or both. If multiple price lists exist and they are based on assignment and customer assignments, then the price selection is based on the configuration rule “Pricing strategy based on assignment.” Precedence for these assignments is described in Configuring precedence.

For information about configuring and administering price lists and pricing rules, see the IBM® Sterling Business Center Pricing Administration topics.


Prices from assignments are considered in the following order, based on the price list line whose price list or lists are:
  1. Created by a specific .
  2. Assigned to that specific .
  3. Assigned to a attributes. Assignment with maximum number of matching attributes will be picked from all the matching pricelist assignments
  4. Assigned to the region. Region is considered one of the attribute. Because the region definition is hierarchical, the most specific region is used when the item is priced. If the price is not found in the price list for the most specific region, the search for a price continues up the region hierarchy.
  5. Assigned to all from corporate.
    Note: If more than one price list line exists at each step, then the lowest price among the price lists is used.