Configuring a JBoss application server

About this task

Note: The JBoss server must have the default name of "all" for the precompilation scripts to run successfully.

To set up the JBoss application server, you must set up some properties in the JBoss script file.

To set up the JBoss script file, do the following:


  1. Add the following properties to the <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/standalone.conf file supplied by JBoss. Each property and its proper syntax are described in the following list:
    Required Edits
    Depending on your JVM vendor, specify as follows:
    -Xms<value> -Xmx<value> 

    For information about supported JDK tiers and memory requirements for specific operating systems, go to the IBM® Support Portal at

    To ensure that all the Sterling Call Center screens display UTF-8 characters for java commands, specify:

    This is applicable to all the Sterling Call Center Java™ start-up scripts.

    System Property. If you are using App Server Connection Pooling, use -Dvendor=jboss. Otherwise, use -Dvendor=shell.
    System property. Specify as an argument to the java command.

    The -D properties shown above can either be included in JAVA_OPT$or passed in a command line. For example: -c yantra_domain -b host  -Dvendor=shell -DvendorFile=/  -DLOGFILE=logs/JBOSS_sci.log  -DSECURITY_LOGFILE=logs/JBOSS_security.log
  2. If you are using an HTTPS transport, download the Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) 1.0.3 package from and add the following files to the <JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/extn/ directory: