If the customer Is a business

If the customer is a business, an organization field displays, as well as a Ship To inner panel.

You can click the Details icon to edit the organization details.

A business customer may have as many ship to addresses as it may wish to define. A Ship To address in Sterling Order Management System Software is defined as a node organization. Therefore, you can use the Ship To panel to add, modify or delete organizations to which products can alternatively be shipped. Use the Create New icon to define a new one, the Details icon to modify an existing one, or the Delete icon to delete an existing one.

While creating additional ship to addresses, you may want to specify an organization that is an independent buyer. When a customer is not a buyer organization, it cannot have multiple ship to addresses. Therefore, in the create window that pops up through the Ship To inner panel, the
This Organization Is Also a Ship To
radio button is replaced with a This Organization Is Also A Buyer radio button.