Regular expressions for open form widgets in the application

By default, the open form widgets in the application must accept all the input characters.

Hence, there is no Java regular expression for validating the input values of open form widgets. The JavaScript regular expression for the Open Form widget in the application is ^(.*[\s]*)*$.

Note: To get the latest regular expression, refer to the isccs_regularexpressions.xml file in the <INSTALL_DIR>\repository\eardata\isccs\war\WEB-INF\regularexpressions directory.

The application follows certain guidelines that are based on business use-cases, where certain types of fields are considered as open form fields and are put in bypass of Input Validation.

  • Any description field in the UI, like PriceMatchDescription, ItemDescription, AlertDescription, and so on, are considered as open form fields.
  • Any Instruction fields such as InstructionText are considered as open form fields.
  • Any field that contains notes from the Sterling Call Center user or any other user like NoteText field is an open form field.
  • List of Open Form Fields in the application is as follows:
    • CodeLongDescription
    • Description
    • Keywords
    • ManufacturerItemDesc
    • InstructionText
    • ExtendedDescription
    • Message
    • LongDescription
    • TemplateXml
    • Format
    • Template
    • CategoryDomain.Description
    • CategoryDomainList.CategoryDomain.Description
    • CategoryList.Category.Description
    • Category.Description
    • TransformationHeader.Description
    • PricingRule.Description
    • PricelistHeader.Description
    • ItemList.Item.PrimaryInformation.Description
    • EntitlementRule.Description
    • Asset.Description
    • TransformationHeader.TransformationHeaderLocaleList.TransformationHeaderLocale.Description
    • TransformationConfig.Description
    • Order.Notes.Note.NoteText
    • Customer.NoteList.Note.NoteText
    • Note.NoteText
    • Inbox.DetailDescription
    • Inbox.InboxReferencesList.InboxReferences.Value
    • Order.TrackingInfoList.TrackingInfo.TrackingUrl
    • ExtendedDisplayDescription
    • ChargeNameDescription
    • ChargeCategoryDescription
    • PriceMatchDescription
    • ItemDesc