Excluding price lists from a pricing rule

When you define a pricing rule, you can also specify price lists to exclude from that pricing rule. You can use this feature for Item Quantity rules, Combination rules, and Order Total rules that target the highest-priced and lowest-priced items.

For example, consider the following two price lists:
Table 1. A default price list and clearance price list
Item Default price list clearance price list
A $50
B $30
C $20
D $5
E $2
A new pricing rule offers 10% off all items in the order, excluding clearance items. If the order contains Item A, Item C, and Item E, the discount is applied to Item A and Item C. It is not applied to Item E because it is in the clearance price list.

Another example similar to the clearance price list is a customer-specific price list, such as employee discount. Assume that the employee discount list contains the same items as a generic price list. However, if an item gets its price from the employee discount price list. If that price list is excluded from a promotion definition, the promotion is not applied to that item.