Modify the policy domain

You can modify the policy domain by using the Manage Domain screen.

About this task

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  1. Navigate to the Manage Domain screen. To navigate to the Manage Domain screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to Business Center as a system administrator or a system setup administrator.
    2. From the System Setup home page, expand the Validation Policies and Override Rules menu, and then click Domain Administration.
    3. Click Domain Activation.

      The Manage Domain screen is displayed.

  2. In the Policy Domain list, click the Domain hyperlink. Alternatively, select the check box adjacent the domain whose details you want to modify, and click Modify.
  3. The Edit window is displayed. You can modify the following details:
    1. From the Policy Domain list, select the policy domain to be added for an enterprise.
    2. From the Document Type list, select the applicable document type for the policy domain.
      Note: The hold types that are populated depends on the document type that is selected for the policy domain.
    3. From the Hold Type list, select the hold type that is applied on the transaction, when, a violation of the validation within the policy domain occurs.
    4. Select the Activate the Policy Domain check box to enable the policy domain. Else, clear the check box if you do not want to the policy domain to be enabled for the enterprise.
  4. Click Save.