Implement shared tasks

You can launch shared tasks such as address capture from any of your extended screens.

To launch shared tasks from extended screens, use the methods that are exposed in SharedComponentUtils. The methods that are provided by the utils are described in the Javascript documentation, that is available with the application in Dev mode.

  1. Log on to Sterling Call Center. The Home page opens.
  2. Start the Extensibility Workbench.
  3. Select the user interface widget by using which you want to launch the shared task and select a subscriber event. For example, onClick.
  4. For the subscriber event, specify the subscriber details and save the changes. For example, to launch the note display and capture screen as a pop-up window for an alert, specify the following details:
    • Method: openNotesForAlertObject
    • Utility Class: SharedComponentUtils
    • Utility Package: isccs.utils
    • Description: A brief description of the method.

    For information about inputs to the methods that are provided by shared component utility, see the JavaScript documentation.

  5. Apply and save the changes in the extensibility workbench. The required .js files are generated in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/<app_dir>/webpages directory.
  6. Implement the behavior logic inside the method that is specified in the <screen-name>Extn.js file.
  7. Build and deploy the application WAR or EAR as needed.