Search for stores

Customers prefer to pick up their products from the nearest store when placing an order. In such cases, the user must be able to select a store that is closest to the customer's location.


The following section describes APIs, user exits, services, and other components.

When the user performs a search for stores, the getSurroundingNodeList API is called to get a list of stores. When the number of stores exceeds the configured page size, the pagination feature allows the stores to be displayed across multiple pages. The getAlternateStoreAvailability API is called to retrieve the availability for the stores listed on the current page only. However, to view store address and the distance from a given address, the required information should be passed in the input to the API. When the user navigates to a different page, availability is retrieved for the stores again. The availability for an order line or product at a store is evaluated based on the Mode attribute passed in the input to the API. For more information about the API, see the Javadoc.


The following section describes the rules that you must configure:
  • You must configure the store rules to use the store selection feature. For more information, see the Sterling Business Center System Configuration.
  • You must configure the standard unit of measure display rules for a product. To define the unit of measure for quantity, see Defining unit of measure.

  • For more information about the APIs, see the Javadoc.

End-user impact

The user can select the store, which is most convenient for the customer to pick up the products.