Pull cart

Shoppers place their orders at the Commerce Store Front. However, in certain situations the shoppers at Commerce Store Front might request the CSR at the call center to complete the order. In such situations, the CSR at the call center can view carts active for a shopper and continue to capture the order.

Sometimes a customer needs help to complete an order and calls customer service. When the customer calls and asks for help in adding or deleting a product, or completing an order, the CSR can pull the customer's current cart from the Commerce Store Front into Sterling Call Center.

The CSR searches for the registered consumer customer, and after the customer is located, the CSR can view the active cart for that customer and pull it in the Customer Details screen. Any active carts are displayed and the CSR can pulls the appropriate cart to pull. After the CSR selects the cart, products that the customer added are displayed. The CSR can then use the create order flow to complete the order per the customer's requirements, whether that is adding or deleting products from a cart, modifying the quantity of a product in a cart, and other order modifications. After all of the appropriate products are added to the cart for the customer, the CSR can then take payment from the customer and confirm the order.