Defining character sets and coupon policy for coupon code generation

To generate unique coupon codes, you need to define the coupon character sets and coupon policy.

Coupon Character Sets

Use the manageCouponCharacterSet API for creating or modifying or deleting character set definitions that you want to use for coupon code generation. CharSet must be provided as a continuous string of characters to be included in the definition and it must be assigned to a single character abbreviation. The abbreviation is used when defining the format of the coupon codes to generate as part of a coupon definition. The character set can be assigned to each position of generated coupon code string.

Coupon Policy

Use the manageCouponPolicy API for creating or modifying or deleting coupon code generation policies for a pricing organization. Coupon policy defines the number of characters to use from the CouponID (refers to the ID of an existing coupon definition) and at what location in the generated coupon code string. There is one coupon policy for each pricing organization.

For more information about the coupon code APIs, see Javadoc.