Basic entitlement search in IBM Sterling Business Center

A basic entitlement search yields a more general search result list based on the criteria provided.

About this task

To perform a basic entitlement search:


  1. Navigate to the Customer Entitlement Search screen. To navigate to the Customer Entitlement Search screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM® Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Products tab.
    3. From the Products home page, click Find Entitlement from the Catalog dashlet.

      The Customer Entitlement Search screen is displayed.

  2. In the Entitlement ID Contains text box, enter the complete or partial identifier of the entitlement you want to search for.
  3. In the Entitlement Description Contains box, enter the complete or partial description of the entitlement you want to search for.
  4. Select the Only include entitlements for which today is within the effective date range check box to include the entitlements for which the current date belongs to the effective range.
  5. Click Search.

    The entitlements matching the search criteria are displayed. However, if there is only one customer entitlement matching the search criteria, the Customer Entitlement screen is displayed.

    Note: If the administration organization is not an entitlement organization, the entitlements that are available for the entitlement organization of the administration organization are displayed.