Change your context organization in Sterling Business Center

If you can administer more than one organization, you can change your context organization to the organization you want to administer at any point of time after logging in to the application.

About this task

To change the context organization:


  1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as an administrator.
  2. The application home page is displayed. From the Switch To drop-down list in the application header bar, select the organization that you want to administer. The Switch To drop-down list displays the list of organizations that are administered by your organization.
  3. The application home page is displayed, showing the menu items and tasks applicable to the organization that you have selected. For example, if you logged in as a pricing organization user and you change your context organization to a catalog organization, you will be able to perform all the catalog administration tasks such as managing a catalog, creating a service, and so on. However, you will only have read-only access to certain pricing administration tasks such as modifying the details of a coupon.