An introduction to attributes of a category

You can specify values for each item attribute. For example, for the Television category, you can assign Size, Type, and so on as item attributes. You can also assign values for the Size attribute as 21 inches, and for the Type attribute as LCD. All the items in the Television category will inherit the same value for the corresponding attributes that you assign to the Television category.

The following types of attributes can be assigned to a category:

  • Attribute with valid values - You can assign a text attribute, Boolean attribute, or number attribute.
  • Attribute that refers to an item field - You can assign an attribute that refers to an out-of-the-box item field.
  • Derived attribute - You can assign a derived attribute that is derived from another attribute.
  • Computed attribute - You can assign a computed attribute that is specific to the pricing administration.

You can assign an attribute to a category from the Catalog Management screen.