The services that are called by the application to send notifications to customers can be customized as needed.

To run the monitor for Federal Trade Commission compliance, use the order monitor template that is located in <INSTALL_DIR>/xapi/template/merged/monitor/. If you have not previously extended this template, rename the sample file ORDER_MONITOR_EX.0001.xml.sample as ORDER_MONITOR_EX.0001.xml. If you have already extended this template, include the contents of the sample file in your extended template.

When Enhanced Order Monitor runs for FTC compliance, it looks for file named getOrderDetails_getOrderDetailsForMonitor.0001.xml.

To use this feature, you must enable the Synchronize Dates Between Master Order Dates And Dates On Order Line And Schedules rule in the Applications Manager. For more information about defining transaction rules, refer to the Configuring Distributed Order Management. During the fulfillment process, the order date is set to the maximum ship date. When the Order Monitor runs, the maximum ship date is compared with the promised date to determine if a delay has occurred. If a delay has occurred, the order date is updated based on the stipulations laid down by the Federal Trade Commission.

Notes entered for this task are saved in the order by using the YCD_FTC_NOTIFICATION note type.