Viewing the list of configured servers

You can view a list of configured servers for agents and services in the Agent Server List screen. You can specify server parameters like monitor start time and idle wait time.

About this task

To view the list of servers:


  1. From the Application Platform tree in the application rules side panel, choose System Administration > Configured Servers. The Agent Server List window displays in the work area.
    Table 1. Agent server list.

    Agent server field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Server Name The name of the agent server.
    Server Type The type of the server. For example, Agent and Service are valid server types.
    Terminate This option specifies whether the server is terminated when the task is completed.
    Monitor Start Time (seconds) Specifies the monitor start time. This is to ensure that the server does not terminate even before it has completed one successful execution.
    Wait Time (seconds) Specifies the idle wait time before terminating the server.
    Note: A server can be deleted only if there are no services or agents configured to use it.
  2. The list of services or agents configured for this server can be viewed by selecting the Details icon. Refer to List of sub flows or criteria ID configured for server to view the services or agent configured on the Server.
  3. The factory default agents provided in Sterling Order Management System Software do not have the "Terminate" option configured by default.