Business Center

The pricing administration feature of Business Center can perform many pricing related tasks.

Using the pricing administration feature of Business Center, you can perform pricing-related tasks such as creating and managing price lists, pricing rules, manual pricing rules, and coupons that pertain to a pricing organization. Additionally, you can test that prices of the items will be calculated correctly when they are added to an order after configuring the price lists, pricing rules, and coupons. A price list is a list of prices defined for a set of items. Pricing rules and coupons are used to perform pricing adjustments to an order. However, these adjustments will be effective only if certain conditions are satisfied. While a pricing rule automatically impacts an order price, a coupon must be manually added to an order for it to affect the order price.

For example, if you want to offer computer products at lesser prices to a special customer, XYZ, you can create a price list, add the items to the price list, define the appropriate prices for these items, and assign the price list to XYZ. If you want to attract customers by providing promotional offers such as giving away an inexpensive item for free when another item is purchased, or providing a discount on the total amount charged to the customer based on the order total, you can create either pricing rules or coupons to perform such price adjustments to the order.

  • When entering values in an ID field, such as Category ID, it is recommended that you use alpha-numeric characters in English, and standard symbols for other languages. You must avoid use of special characters in an ID field. For a complete list of special characters that you must not use in an ID field, contact your system administrator.
  • Your administrator may have set certain validation rules for the data that is entered in the user interface. As a result, you may not be able to enter few characters in the user interface. If the data entered by you does not pass the validation, a descriptive error message is displayed indicating the reason for the validation failure. Contact your administrator for more details on the validations defined.
  • The terms pricing rules and promotions are synonymous.
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