Configuring version-specific common codes for return orders

As an advanced configuration, you can specify different values for the common codes based on the version of the application.

About this task

To configure version-specific common codes:


  1. In the Channel Applications Manager, click the Expand icon adjacent to System Administration to expand the branch.
  2. Click the Advanced Configurations link.
  3. Click Configure Version-Specific Common Codes for Return Orders.
  4. Click the Create New icon to add a new cancellation reason.
  5. Enter information in the applicable fields and click the Save icon. The following table describes the fields in the Common Code Details window:
    Table 1. Fields in the common code details window.

    Common code details field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Qualified Tag Id Select a Qualifier Tag ID from the drop-down list.
    Cancellation Reason Enter a cancellation reason.
    Short Description Enter a short description for the cancellation reason.
    Long Description Enter a long description for the cancellation reason.