Configuring return entry rules

This configuration provides a list of return entry rules that are available during the return process.

About this task

To configure return entry rules:


  1. From the Channel Applications Manager, select Configure Return Administration.
  2. Under Configure Return Administration, select Configure Return Entry Rules.
  3. Select the applicable fields or check boxes. The following table describes the fields in the Return Entry Rules window.
    Table 1. Fields in the return entry rules window.

    Return entry rules field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Override Return Policy Note Type The note type used when overriding the return policy. The default is Return Policy Overridden, which, when enabled, allows users to override the return policy. For more information about configuring return note reasons, see Define Return Note Reasons
    Default Exchange Type This specifies what your enterprise defaults to as the exchange type: REGULAR, ADVANCED, or PREPAID.

    The default exchange type for the enterprise is REGULAR.

    Allow End Users to Modify the Exchange Type on an Exchange Order Enables users to access and change the Exchange Type.
    Display Reshipped Items During Return Entry by Default When this check box is selected, reshipped lines are displayed when the screen loads.
    Allow Return of Items without an Order Enables customers to return items without an order.

    When this check box is selected, the Items without an order tab is displayed on the line selection screen.

  4. Click the Save icon to save your changes.