Pricing rules for discounted prices

At the enterprise level, you can configure pricing rules so that discounts from multiple promotions are applied to the discounted prices in turn, rather than each discount being applied to the original, undiscounted price.

For example, if there are two discounts on an item and the first discount reduces the cost of the item from $100 to $90, the second discount will be applied to $90. The following table shows an example of this.

Promotion 1: Buy a DVD Player and save 10%.
Promotion 2: Save an extra 15% on DVD if you pay with store credit card.
Multiple promotions discount example
Item Qty Unit price Promotion Adjustment applied on... Adjustment amount
DVD Player 1 $100. Buy 1 DVD Player, save 10% $100. $10.00
DVD Player 1 $100. Save 15% extra on DVD if paid by store credit card $90. $13.50

In addition to configuring whether to apply multiple discounts on the original or the discounted price, you can also configure whether absolute discounts will be applied first, followed by percentage discounts, or vice versa.