Publishing custom widgets

You can publish a custom widget individually or collectively to an Engine instance and to one or more Engine User Groups. You can modify the published details of an already published custom widget to add or delete user groups. You can also unpublish the widgets.

About this task

Users with a Menu Administrator role, System Administrator role, or Publisher role can publish widgets, modify the published details of an already published custom widget, or unpublish widgets.
Note: You cannot publish a template widget or a multi-chart widget independently.


To publish a custom widget, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation pane of Dashboard Designer, click Custom Widgets > Manage Widgets.

    An All Widgets page opens in a new tab. The page displays all the already created widgets and templates.

  2. Select a custom widget or select multiple custom widgets, and click Publish.
  3. In the Publish Widget(s) window, from the User Group(s) pane, select one or more user groups, and click the Move to selected Move to selected icon to add the user groups to the Selected User Group(s) pane.

    Only the selected user groups can access the published widgets.

  4. Optional: To delete a user group from the Selected User Group(s) pane, click the Delete Delete icon that is displayed next to the user group.
  5. Click Publish.

    A message confirming whether the selected widgets must be published is displayed.

  6. Click OK.

    The custom widgets are published to the selected user groups, and the Published to column on the All Widgets page displays the number of users groups that can access the published widgets.

What to do next

After you publish a widget, you must log in to Engine and view the published widgets.