Creating a multi-chart widget

You can add multiple charts or widget placeholders to a widget. Thus, a single widget can host multiple widgets. To create a multi-chart widget, you must first edit the layout of a widget to manually draw widget placeholders within it. Each of the widget placeholder functions like any other widget placeholder.

Before you begin

If you want to set a background image for the host widget and any other child-widgets within it, then ensure that the images are already available on your computer.

About this task

After you log in to the Dashboard Designer, you can create specialized widgets by using any of the following options on the landing page:

  • Click CREATE COMPONENTS, then in the Create Components page, click WIDGETS.
  • Click the Expand Expand icon to open the navigation pane of Dashboard Designer, and click Custom > Create New Widget.


To create a multi-chart widget, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation pane of Dashboard Designer, click Custom > Create New Widget.

    The New Widget page opens.

  2. Click the Edit Edit icon that is displayed next to the New Widget, Widget Description, and Widget Title fields, and enter a name, title, and description for your widget.
    Note: Only alphanumeric characters, spaces, and underscore are supported.
  3. The Gridlines checkbox is selected by default.
    If you do not want the grid-line view, clear the checkbox.
  4. To add multiple widget placeholders to a widget, click the Add/Edit Layout Add/Edit Layout icon within the widget.
    The widget displays a toolbar that shows Undo Undo icon, Redo Redo icon, Delete Delete icon, and Reset Reset icon icons.
  5. To create widget placeholders, place the pointer in the Draw layout here area and drag it to create a box.

    You can create multiple widget placeholders of different sizes in the widget area. You can move or resize the placeholders. The placeholders cannot overlap each other.

  6. To go back to the widget view, click the Back To Dashboard Design View Back to dashboard design view icon.
    A widget with multiple widget placeholders is created. The host widget displays the following icons:
  7. Drag a chart, widget template, custom template, custom widget, or specialized widget to the child-widgets. You can also enter an external URL in any of the widget placeholders.


Each widget placeholder within the multi-chart widget displays horizontally and vertically placed More options More options icons. Click these icons to view the toolbar embedded within them. The widget placeholders function as any other custom widget.

What to do next

  1. In each of the widget placeholders complete the following tasks and save the multi-chart widget:
    • Add and map dashboard-level or widget-level filters.
    • Set data definitions, and set widget and chart properties.
    • Add a background image.

    For more information about all these tasks, see Creating custom widgets.

  2. You can drag the multi-chart widget to a dashboard, and then publish the dashboard.
    • You cannot drag the multi-chart widget to another multi-chart widget that you create within a dashboard.
    • You cannot publish the multi-chart widget independently or save it as a template widget.