Getting the Managed System Name for ITM Connectors

You require the Managed System Name for ITM Connector configuration. Managed System Name is the name of a particular operating system, subsystem, or application in an enterprise where a monitoring agent is installed and running.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that the data providers are set up for ITM servers for which you want to create connectors on Cloud Application Business Insights. See Verifying the dashboard data provider is enabled.
  • If the portal server has heavy load, you must install a separate dedicated portal server to service the requests from the Cloud Application Business Insights.
    If you set up a separate portal server:
    • Ensure that the dedicated portal server has the application support for the agents whose data needs to be fetched.
    • Ensure that TivoliĀ® Enterprise Portal clients are not connected to this dedicated portal server to complete administrative tasks such as creating custom workspace, creating situations, and creating managed system groups.


Complete the following steps to get the managed system name for the ITM Connector Source:

  • Log in to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server by using the following URL:

    Where, TEPS_IP_or_HOSTNAME is Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server IP address or hostname.

  • Enter your Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server username and password and click OK.
  • Click GET to send a GET request for the provider information.
    If the data provider is enabled successfully, the following data provider information is displayed in the text field:
       "filteredRows": 1,
       "identifier": "id",
       "items": [
             "MSSName": "ibm-cdm:\/\/\/CDMSS\/Hostname=HV6-COMMON-1+ManufacturerName
                         =IBM+ProductName=IBM Tivoli Monitoring Services",
             "baseUrl": "http:\/\/<TEPS_IP>:15200\/ibm\/tivoli\/rest",
             "datasetsUri": "\/providers\/itm.HUB_HV6-COMMON-1\/datasets",
             "datasourcesUri": "\/providers\/itm.HUB_HV6-COMMON-1\/datasources",
             "description": "IBM Tivoli Monitoring dashboard data provider",
             "id": "itm.HUB_HV6-COMMON-1",
             "label": "HUB_HV6-COMMON-1",
             "remote": false,
             "type": "IBMTivoliMonitoringServices",
             "uri": "\/providers\/itm.HUB_HV6-COMMON-1",
             "version": ""
       "numRows": 1,
       "totalRows": 1
    Important: If the URI field is displayed blank, click Reset URI so that URI field value is set to /ibm/tivoli/rest/providers, and then click GET.
  • Note the value for id from the data provider information.

    The value of id is the manage system name that you require to configure ITM Connector Source.

    For example, itm.HUB_HV6-COMMON-1 is the manage system name.

  • Optional: If the responses from ITM Data Provider Connector Source are slow or inconsistent, set or increase the heap size of the ITM data provider.

    For more information, see Setting the TEPS/e maximum heap size.