Known limitations for Filters

Lists of known limitations on desktop computers and mobile devices for Filters on Dashboard Designer and Engine.

  • For a dashboard that contains dashboard-level and widget-level PM filters, after you apply the dashboard-level filters, if you retain all the widget-level PM filter values but change only the summarization value to a lower time-value in the Summarization filter, then the dashboard does not display any data. An error message that indicates you to select Aggregation and Summarization filter values is displayed.
  • JDBC connectors don’t support default filters.
  • If a filter value contains a single quotation mark ('), then whenever you apply such a filter, the dashboard data is not filtered, and an error message is displayed.
  • Widget-level custom filters within an imported dashboard are not displayed in the navigation pane of Dashboard Designer.
  • While creating a Direct or Independent filter that is based on data definition, the Text Field button is disabled, if you switch to Conditional / Dependent Filter and then back to Direct / Independent Filter.

    To enable the Text Field button, click Specify Values through a Data Definition again.

  • The Text Field and Drop-down List with Search filters do not show empty or null values.
  • In the Drop-down List with Search filter, when you search a value or navigate through the values by using keyboard keys and mouse pointer simultaneously, multiple values get highlighted randomly. Also, by default, the first value in the list must be highlighted, but it is not highlighted.
  • When you attach four filters at widget-level, then on preview, the widget might not display the Apply Filter button on Dashboard Designer.

    To resolve this issue, maximize the chart.

  • If you preview a custom filter and click the Auto Refresh icon, the filter values are not reloaded.
  • Topology chart does not support filters.
  • In JDBC widgets, if you rapidly select or clear one or more values in the multi-select drop-down list parent filter, then it takes a longer time to either select or clear the values.

    To work around this issue, wait for the dependent, child filters to load before you continue to select or clear remaining filter values.

  • For Stacked Columns dashboards that display time series data on X-axis and contain 100 K or more data points, when you apply a filter, the X-axis labels might not be displayed correctly.