Setting chart properties for Circos charts

You need to set chart properties for the charts that you add to a widget.


Complete the following steps to set chart properties for Circos charts:

  1. On the widget page, click the Set Properties set properties icon.
    The Set Properties window opens.
  2. Click the Chart tab.
  3. In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Chart, and complete the following steps:
    • In the Source, Destination, and Value fields, enter the column names from the manual data definition preview. Enter only those column names that you want to display on the chart.
    • To define a unit for the Value field, select the Add Unit along with Value checkbox.
    • In the Unit field, enter a unit name for the data definition values, and select a position for the unit from the Unit Position list.
  4. To set chart color properties in the Colors tab, see Setting chart color properties.