Setting other properties

You can set the following properties for a Grid chart.


Complete the following steps to set other properties for a Grid chart:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Others.
  2. The Enable Grid Filter checkbox is selected by default. If you want to hide the filter, clear the checkbox.
  3. To display the grid data in multiple pages, select the Show Pagination checkbox.
  4. If pagination is enabled on the data server, then you can enable server-side pagination. Select the Support Bulk Data on Load checkbox, and enter the name of the primary column that must be used for pagination.
  5. To display a scroll bar when you preview or publish a grid, in the Freeze Column Count field, enter the number of columns that must remain static in the table.

    For example, if you want the first three columns of a table to remain static, then enter 3 in the Freeze Column Count field. The preview displays the first three columns as static and a scroll-bar is added to scroll through the remaining columns of the table.

    Note: You can set this property only when the column width is set manually to more than 100 percent in the Columns tab.
  6. From the Column Header Sorting list, select any of the following options:
    • To enable sorting of data only for a single column, select Apply on Single Column.
    • To enable sorting of data by using any two columns, select Apply on Multiple Column.