Default Dashboard Designer roles

Dashboard Designer contains predefined, default roles. You can’t modify or delete these roles, nor can you create any custom roles. The default user who is added during installation must create more users and assign them roles and groups according to the requirement.

Table 1. Predefined roles and their privileges
Role Privilege
Dashboard Developer Create dashboards and dashboard components such as layouts, widgets, data definitions, filters. Also, can create themes.
Publisher Create and deploy widgets, dashboards, and themes.
Menu Administrator Create and publish widgets, dashboards, and themes. Dashboards are deployed by using Menu Access.
System Administrator Complete access to Dashboard Designer and can perform all the tasks that are available within Dashboard Designer. Can also manage connectors, data definition queries, and Dashboard Designer users.
Note: The default user who is created while installing Cloud Application Business Insights cannot access the Engine user groups. The default user first needs to create a System Administrator user, and then that System Administrator can grant access to the Engine user groups to the default user.
Only the default user and users with System Administrator role can complete the following user management tasks:
  • Create Tool Content Groups.
  • Create Engine User Groups.
  • Create Dashboard Designer users, Engine users, and users who can access both Dashboard Designer and Engine.
  • Assign Tool Roles, Tool Content Groups, Engine User Groups, and Engine Instances to users.
    Note: If you assign a Dashboard Developer role to users, then such users cannot preview tool contents or dashboards that are created by them or their group members. To enable such users to preview tool contents or dashboards, you must assign an Engine instance and an Engine User Group to such users.

As a default user or as a System Administrator, you cannot edit your own user profile.