Upgrading Filters

After upgrade or after you import dashboards from earlier Cloud Application Business Insights versions, if you access Cloud Application Business Insights in any of the supported languages other than English, then the filters are not displayed according to the selected browser language. The filters, by default, are displayed in English. To fix this issue, you must run the filters_upgrade.sh script so that all the filters are displayed in the appropriate languages whenever you change the locale.

Before you begin

Ensure that you upgrade Cloud Application Business Insights to its latest versions.


Complete the following steps to run the filters_upgrade.sh script:

  1. Go to the following location where the filters_upgrade.sh script is located:
    cd $install_dir/prdutil

    Where, <install_dir> is Cloud Application Business Insights installation location. By default, it is /opt/icabi.

  2. Run the filters_upgrade.sh script:


The filters are displayed according to the browser language settings.