Menu Access

To publish dashboards, you must add them to a menu. You can publish a menu to an Engine. A menu contains two types of nodes, category nodes and dashboard nodes. A menu can host multiple dashboards that are categorized by using category nodes.

Use category nodes to group similar dashboards together in a single category. A single category node can host two dashboard nodes.
Category nodes
You can publish a menu only when it contains either a single category node or multiple category nodes. You cannot add dashboards and user groups directly to a category node. You must add a dashboard node to a category node. You can add only two dashboard nodes to a single category node.
Dashboard nodes
To each dashboard node, you can add only a single dashboard. However, you can add multiple Engine User Groups to a dashboard node.

After you publish a menu, you must use Engine to access the published dashboards.

The All Menus page displays the audit trail information for all the menus. The audit trail information provides details of the user who created or modified the menus and the date and time when the menus were created or modified.