Creating JSON Web Token for authentication

To connect to Google Sheet and Google BigQuery data sources, you need to create JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for account-level access authentication.

Before you begin

Create the JWT file only when you want to retrieve data by using Google Sheet and Google BigQuery Connectors by using authentication.


Complete the following steps to create a JSON Web Token (JWT) file.

  1. Open the Credentials page in Google API Console by using the following URL:

    By default, the page is displays within your project. You can select another project, if required.

  2. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS > Service account.

    The Create account details page is displayed.

  3. In the Service account name field, enter a name for the service account.
  4. Optional: In the Service account description field, enter a description for the account.
  5. Click CREATE.

    The service account is created.

  6. In the Grant this service account access to the project (optional) pane, complete the following steps:
    • If you are creating the JWT file for Google Sheet data sources, then click CONTINUE.
    • If you are creating the JWT file for Google BigQuery data sources, then from the Role list, select BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User, and then click CONTINUE.
  7. In the Grant users access to this service account (optional) pane, click DONE.

    The service account is created.

  8. In the Service Accounts pane, click the service account for which you want to create a key.

    The Service account details page is displayed.

  9. In the Keys pane, from the ADD KEY list, select Create new key.

    The Create private key window is displayed.

  10. Click JSON as the key type, and then click CREATE.

    The JWT file is created and a window to download and save the file on your computer is displayed.

  11. Download and save the file at the following location:


    Where, install_dir is Cloud Application Business Insights installation location. By default, it is /opt/icabi.
    • You must save the JWT file at the mentioned location. If you change this location, then the file cannot be backed up or restored by using the default backup and restore scripts that are provided along with Cloud Application Business Insights.
    • Files that are saved on a remote server cannot be accessed.
    • You must create google and jwt directories in the prdapp directory.


Use the JWT file whenever you create connector sources to retrieve data from Google Sheets and BigQuery data warehouse.