Updating the scheduler user login details

Run the update_scheduler_user_login_template.sh script to update the user login details for creating the scheduled reports.

About this task

The update_scheduler_user_login_template.sh script must be run in the following scenarios:
  • When the Cloud Application Business Insights application is configured on a custom port.
  • When you want to change the context root to a non-default one.
  • When you must reset your username and password according to your organization's password policy settings.


  1. Run the update_scheduler_user_login_template.sh file as follows:
    • cd $install_dir/prdutil
      Where, install_dir is the directory where you installed the application.
    When prompted, provide the following details:
    Enter 1 to update scheduler user credentials.
    Enter 2 to update user name of the scheduler user.
    Enter 3 to update password of the scheduler user.
    Enter any other key to get information about the scheduler user.
    Enter your choice:
    • Username to authenticate to the Engine.
    • Password for the user. It is saved in encrypted format in the database.
    Important: Update the username and password in the basic-registry.xml file for on-premises installation.
  2. After you update the scheduler user's username, restart the Cloud Application Business Insights server.