Supported third-party database drivers for JDBC Connector

You can set up connectivity to various databases and use content from those databases to populate the dashboards.

The following third-party databases are supported:
Driver name Database version Type of driver File name

18c (

Type 4 ojdbc8.jar
IBM® Db2® 10.1 Type 4 db2jcc4.jar
PostgreSQL 9.6 Type 4 postgresql-42.2.2.jar
MySQL 8 Type 4 mysql-connector-java-8.0.13.jar
Microsoft SQL Server 10.0 (2008) Type 4 mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre8.jar
14.0 (2017)
H2 1.3 Type 4 h2-1.3.175.jar
1.4 h2-1.4.197.jar
Derby 10.1 Type 4



Note: All the third-party database drivers must be placed in install_dir/wlp/usr/servers/prdapp/jdbcdrivers directory. Where, install_dir is the directory where Cloud Application Business Insights is installed. By default, it is /opt/icabi. Only if Cloud Application Business Insights is installed in default location, the backup and restore scripts can back up and restore the driver files.