Setting properties for Baseline chart

You need to set chart properties for the charts that you add to a widget.


Setting Chart properties

  • Complete the following steps to set chart properties:
    1. On the widget page, click the Set PropertiesSet Properties icon icon.

      The Set Properties window opens.

    2. Click the Chart tab.
    3. In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Chart.
    4. To change the display format of the source data that is in Epoch format or ISO 8601 format, select the Change display format if source data is in Epoch or ISO 8601 time format checkbox, and complete the following steps:
      1. From the Source Data Unit list, select the format of the source data.
      2. From the Display Format lists, select the format in which the date and time must be displayed on the X-axis.
    5. In the Y-Axis Title field, enter a title for the Y-axis.

      The title is displayed when you preview or publish the widget.

Setting Series properties

  • In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Series, and complete the following steps in Series pane:
    • In the X-Axis Label, Actual Value, High Value, Low Value, and Baseline Value fields, enter the required column names from the manual data definition preview. Enter only those column names that you want to display on the chart.

      The data in the High Value and Low Value columns is used to plot the background range area, and a line graph is plotted by using the Actual Value data.

      • Baseline field is optional. If you want a line graph to be plotted to show the baseline reference values, then you must enter a column name in the Baseline Value field.
      • If the data specified by the X-Axis Label field is not in the Epoch format or ISO 8601 format, then the chart is not displayed.

Setting Color properties

  • In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Colors, and complete the following steps to select colors for the baseline and actual value line. You can also set different actual value line colors to be displayed when the line ascends or descends the high or low values.
    • Click the colored box that is displayed next to each label.
    • In the Color picker, select a color.