Setting title properties

You must set the following properties for the title area of a Badge chart.


Complete the following steps to set properties of the title area within a Badge chart:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Title.
  2. The Badge Title field displays the default title of the chart.
    You can modify the title, if required.
  3. The Badge Title Tooltip field, enter a tooltip text that you want to be displayed when the dashboard is published.
  4. In the Title Position pane, click the chart image of your choice.
  5. From the Title Area height/width list, select height and width of the title area in percentage.

    The remaining area is allotted to value area of the Badge chart.

  6. From the Font list, select a font for the Badge title.
  7. From the Size list, select a font-size for the Badge title.
  8. On the Style toolbar, click one or more styles to display the Badge title in bold, italics, or with an underline.
  9. On the Text Direction toolbar, click the required text orientation.
  10. On the Horizontal alignment and Vertical alignment toolbars, click the required alignments for the Badge title.
  11. To wrap the Badge title, select the Wrap Text checkbox.

    Based on the Badge size, the Badge title is either wrapped or truncated. You can also change the font size to fit the title within the Badge title area.

  12. In the Other specific styles for Badge Title Bar, enter any additional styles in CSS format for the Badge title.